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Canik METE MC9

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Yes, it's another Canik review. Why so many? Because Canik keeps coming out with new models!

The METE MC9 fits the size parameters for the "micro compact" group of pistols and that's an impressive feat. The US Government heavily restricts imported pistols and scrutinizes against those that have short barrels, are light weight, and many other features that unfortunately fit today's trend for carry guns. These restrictions are why the few imported small pistols often have odd features such as key locks or target sights. It's all part of a points-based system a model has to pass to be importable. Somehow Century Arms and Canik have created a just-right gun that we can enjoy on the US market.

At first glance it looks like the METE MC9 is just a slimmed-down TP9 Elite SC. That turns out to be incorrect.

What Is It? The Canik METE MC9 is as the name tells us. A micro-compact pistol from Canik that incorporates all of the upgrades the METE line brought to Canik pistols. If you're not familiar with those differences, or didn't know that the METEs were any different at all we have a library of videos here. Additionally-sweet features are that this pistol is optics-ready and has an interchangeable backstrap system.

As part of the METE line the MC9 has improved texture and a more-rounded grip.

Why Should You Care? To date this is the nicest-shooting pistol of its class we've ever reviewed. Those familiar with our site and channel know that I don't like to use superlative adjectives, but in this case I must make an exception because it's also the truth. Despite near-freezing temperatures and the dampness of fog, we enjoyed our range session with the METE MC9. This pistol does not have the snappy/flippy range behavior that most in its size class do. Additionally, the METE MC9 readily accepts standard Canik-pattern magazines with the right floor plates. The exception we found was the floor plate from out TP9 Elite SC did not fit.


  • WEIGHT: 21.27 oz

  • CAPACITY: 12/15+1 rounds

  • FRONT SIGHT: White Dot

  • CARTRIDGE: 9mm Luger

  • MAGAZINE TYPE: Canik Sub-Compact Size Magazine

  • REAR SIGHT: Blacked-Out Dot

  • MAGAZINE INCLUDED: 12/15 Round Magazines

  • FINISH COLOR: Black, FDE, Two-Tone

  • ACTION TYPE: Semi-Automatic



  • BARREL LENGTH: 3.18”

  • HEIGHT: 4.52”

  • WIDTH: 1.12”

  • MSRP: $439.99

The beavertail is rounded making this pistol much more comfortable than the TP9 Elite SC.

Is it just a re-branded TP9 Elite SC? That question has been asked by many, myself included. It appears that way at first glance, but that assumption is wrong. You can see the differences in a segment of the tabletop video, but even on the range it's a different experience. So much so that we made a shorter video trying to capture that experiential difference.

What Do You Get? Continuing Canik's tradition of high-value packages, the METE MC9 comes in a lockable hard case and includes the following:

  • Reversible IWB/OWB holster

  • 12-round magazine

  • 15-round magazine

  • Pink Rest floor plate for 12-round magazine

  • Cleaning Rod

  • Takedown punch

  • Bore brush

  • Two alternate backstraps

  • Canik Tool (bit driver containing bits and hardware for mounting optics)

  • Speed loader

For a closer look at the METE MC9 see the tabletop video below. This video also gives you a cleaner look at the differences between this pistol and the TP9 Elite SC.

I admit we were a little apprehensive about the range time. Small, light, short-barreled guns are generally not fun on the range. The size is after all a compromise to make concealed carry easier and more comfortable. Aside from the BUL Armory SAS II UL, generally the smaller and lighter a pistol is the less pleasant it is on the range.

To try out the Canik METE MC9 we of course hit the range for our standard battery of experiences conducted by two shooters:

  • Cold Shots: Truly our first rounds through the gun. For Teya also her first time handling the gun.

  • Full Magazine +1: Not all guns perform well when "fully stuffed", adding challenge we attempt this with the included extended magazine to see if the springs are proper.

  • What's For Dinner™: A test to see what ammunition the gun will eat. Does the gun feed the round from slide lock, will it cycle and feed another round of the same type, does the slide lock to the rear on empty, and is there any notable point of impact change with different loads.

For this gun we used the following ammunition:

  • Sights & Trigger Control: on a 6" spinner target at a distance of 12 yards. We got this from Titan Great Outdoors and use it to gauge how learnable the trigger is and usable the sights are for forced, timed, precise shots.

  • Practical Accuracy: Five shots from a distance of seven yards at a one inch target. This isn't so much about printing a tight group as it is a culmination of our shooting experience and time for us to collect thoughts prior to making a conclusion.

  • After Shots: Final impressions from two shooters. We both have different interests, backgrounds, preferences, and approaches to shooting. We don't always agree, but that's why we present you with two opinions.

You can watch the process in the Shooting Impressions video below:

Ammunition seen in our Shooting Impressions video was made possible by our Patrons and supporters of our ammunition savings account through Ammo Squared. Additional, on-demand ammunition through True Shot Gun Club.

As you saw we were shocked almost to the point of embarrassment. As tiny as this pistol is it's a really nice shooter. So much so that Teya began vying for ownership of it before we even got back to the house from the range. I've previously not been a big personal advocate of micro compact pistols for a few reasons which seem to no longer apply:

  1. Loss of muzzle energy could risk defensive rounds not performing as intended: In our own tests we've seen some loads can still be ok from shorter barrels.

  2. Short sight radius makes aiming tougher: The sights on this pistol make it easy, and it's red-dot ready for those who trust a dot.

  3. While unpleasant shooting characteristics don't matter much in defense, it's best to carry a gun you're not afraid to train with: This pistol does not tire out your hands or beat up your wrist like so many others in the size category.

  4. The magazines of most micro-compacts are tough-to-painful to load. That makes the idea of a high-round count training less appealing: The METE MC9 uses the same magazine tube as the rest of the Canik line, they load with the same ease.

Whether or not you're a Canik fan, if you're considered a pistol in this size category we strongly recommend the Canik METE MC9.

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Keith A. Stewart
Keith A. Stewart
Apr 22, 2023

What other magazines does the MC9 take? Meaning, TP9 or METE series. Thanks

Graham Baates
Graham Baates
Apr 22, 2023
Replying to

It runs with METE series and as far as I can tell most modern Canik mags. The only issue I've found is with earlier Canik model magazines.


Eve Flanigan
Eve Flanigan
Mar 11, 2023

Still the multi-plate mounting system that tries to accommodate everything (and does none of it well) or did they finally settle on a footprint? Could never get a solid RDS mount on my Elite SC.

Graham Baates
Graham Baates
Mar 11, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for stopping by! It's still a plate system.


Hi Graham,

I have been trying to find Walther PPQ SC to replace my Thunder Pro Ultra Compact.

So far PPQ has been most accurate gun I've shot,but have'nt had chance to shoot SC.

The New MC9 looks like good new option.

I know you are fond of PPQ SC and wanted to get your opinion on accuracy comparison and any differences in carrying you have noticed between the two?


Graham Baates
Graham Baates
Mar 03, 2023
Replying to

The MC9 is smaller than the PPQSC, but remarkably shootable for its size. As far as accuracy I don't think you'll see any difference. Canik makes solid guns.


Al Gonzo
Al Gonzo
Feb 16, 2023

Sounds like I'm getting another Canik


I think this is the one..

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