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Arex and Grand Power Labor Day Deals

Global ordnance Grand power and Arex Labor Day Sale

Global Ordnance, the importer of Arex and Grand Power has a sale going on for Labor Day that we thought you'd like to know about. As you know we're fans of both manufacturers and have no problem recommending them. Click the image to get the deal, price reduction appears in cart. This is not an "influencer" push, this is me excited that guns I recommend are momentarily available at a lower price.

Grand Power

Grand Power: 20% off all Grand Power firearms, this is a great chance to either finally experience the recoil-reducing Grand Power action I've been raving about for years, or add to your collection, maybe pick up the range king X-Calibur? If you're not sure which one to get, see our Grand Power Pistol Guide for a break down by size and type.


Arex: Delta M Gen 2 pistols for less than $300! This pistol is notable for its thin profile, light weight, and modularity (yes, like the Sig FCU concept). Here's our review of the Arex Delta M Gen 2.


Arex Accessories: All on sale, now's the chance to pick up extra magazines, or maybe a new grip module in a different color or size (don't forget magazines to match). Ever wante to try stippling or have someone do a custom stipple job? This grip modules eliminate the risk of damaging your firearm or needing to trasnfer it for a stipple job.

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